School Code of Conduct

At Normanby Community School, the staff, students and School Council value:




In order to establish and maintain these principles, the following are deemed unacceptable behaviours:

* Any form of physical violence or abuse.

* Weapons or objects used inappropriately.

* Any form of verbal or emotional abuse.(including the internet)

* The use of profanity.

* The possession of tobacco products, lighters, matches, alcohol, drugs or other substances inappropriate and/or dangerous to elementary students. Wearing of clothing that promotes alcohol or drugs, that interferes with the learning of others (short shorts, crop-tops, etc.) or that has wording or symbols that are considered offensive.

* Wearing a hat in school, other than in the hallway when entering or leaving the building.

Everyone is expected to comply with these principles. Those who do not will be given a consequence appropriate to their misbehavior, by either the supervising staff member or the administration. Those consequences for students might include such measures as loss of recess, trip privileges, etc. or requirements to describe and carry out ways of fixing the problem created. In all cases such consequences will be intended to show the student the results of their behaviour in a way that will encourage them to change the offending behaviour.

Misbehaviour of a serious or ongoing nature may result in suspension from school. Suspensions are intended to indicate to the entire school community that the particular misbehaviour involved will not be tolerated at Normanby, and are imposed for the benefit of all members of our school community.

Note: The above is a precis of the Normanby Community School Code of Conduct. The entire code may be viewed at the school at any time

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